Please find these forms below the explanations:

Stall holders Invitation Letter: Explains the booking process.
Stall Terms and Conditions: Specifies how the event is conducted on the day.
LIONS Field layout MAP: Shows the stall numbering, the MAP will be added to our website soon. As stalls are booked the numbers will turn red only black numbers are available. Please note the colour of the stands denoting the type of stall according to the legend at the bottom of the MAP.  There are four types of stall: General, Craft, Category 1 Food and Car Dealers.
Booking Form: To book a stall fill this form in and return it via e-mail or FAX together with proof of payment. This form is available in Excel for those who can edit it on computer and in PDF format for those who wish to print it and fill it in with pen and ink and return a photocopy. Please fill it in legibly as sometimes I have trouble interpreting some handwriting.
COA Application form: For stalls selling any food items and must be sent to the health department as described in the invitation letter. Do not send it to me please.
Food Stall Health & Safety: Notes for Category 1 food stalls, cooking food.
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For the xlsx version of the booking form please click on the small arrow on the right side of the page to download it. Do not attempt to edit it in Google Sheets as it messes up the format.
John West,
Feb 19, 2019, 3:02 AM