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Jona Vaughan Home

Google Docs Video

An Historical Jona Vaughan Video from Approximately 1995 

The late Bert Tunmer, a member of the Amanzimtoti Lions Club, fathered a cerebral palsied son, Jona Vaughan Tunmer. As a result of this he looked in vain for specialised care facilities in the area for parents with similarly handicapped children.

He formed a Lions committee in 1974 with the idea of starting a home for the physically and mentally handicapped. Over the next 11 years land was obtained, plans were drawn up and building completed. The Jona Vaughan Home opened in 1985 with 15 residents.

Because of the heavy burden of administration the Home was handed over to Durban & Costal Mental Health Hostels and it expanded rapidly to cater for upward of 80 residents.

As the buildings are now fairly old much maintenance is carried out by the Amanzimtoti Lions Club.